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Hi @moreveal! How are you? I've been playing SAMP for so long thanks to you. I'm very sad to see that this only API is gone. It's possible to use Google translator to translate instead like if it was a person typing everything, or a API is really necessary? It's possible for me to paste a new API in the conf file so it can translate anyway, or everything you wrote in the script is tied up togheter? Thanks!

And without exaggeration, you're the only person on internet that saved my gameplay and of everyone here. I couldn't find anything like your script on internet. I never imagined playing SAMP with russians, which is crazy. Here's some apparent free api's that you could use maybe to reaplace. I'm sorry if i'm writing bollocks, but it seems like the thing you're looking for:
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Не работает, вообще ничего не переводит. Api перестал работать?