SF Plugin Black Sister Project v1.0 Patched By SobFoX


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Файлы из данной публикации не прошли тщательную проверку и могут быть вредоносны
Версия SA-MP
  1. 0.3.7 (R1)
one Black Sister Project release for black friday ! This is the worst teamexploit cheat only the bots can be nice that darknex built, I deleted its malicious code and now everyone can use it without fear!

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the problem was fixed !
The problem of not seeing MENU in F11 has been fixed (it's just that the newest version is the worst, there are a lot of BUGS and CRASH due to TEAMEXPLOIT's limited brain capabilities)

For a file without encryption only against strings that admin will contact me privately (probably it won't happen because we don't really want to check issues here..)

Download: https://www.file-upload.net/download-15047680/BlackSisterProjectSF.zip.html
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