1. SobFoX;

    Trailer Project SobFoX v5 MTA/PWAC/NAC/SAMP/CRMP

  2. SobFoX;

    SF Plugin Black Sister Project v1.0 Patched By SobFoX

    one Black Sister Project release for black friday ! This is the worst teamexploit cheat only the bots can be nice that darknex built, I deleted its malicious code and now everyone can use it without fear! Don't forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel! the problem was fixed ! The problem of...
  3. SobFoX;

    ASI CorteX 1.49.6 Patched By SobFoX

    Friends, CorteX 1.49.6, which was released an hour ago, has already been patched and hacked :p 🥷 The encryption and virus lines have been removed (as it seems.) If it doesn't work for you, it's because the programmer who built it is stupid and has zero experience in programming, he doesn't even...