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  1. 0.3.7 (R1)
  2. 0.3.7-R2
Hello, well, I am a .Net programmer. I don't even know anything about C ++, Lua ...
There is no SAMPFUNCS Wrapper for .Net, too bad ...

Well, with some C ++ tutorials I have done this: NetLoader , For information enter the link

well i made my plugin, in this case the SAMP injector. Basically an injector.

You can find more information and code on GitHub : SAMP Injector

SAMP Injector is an Echo Plugin for NetLoader. Especially for SAMP. Basically load the DLLs that you want.

Cheat "Obstler Hack" Has Been Included As An Example.

  1. Extract Everything in the Folder of your GTA.​
  2. Put Your DLL to Inject in the folder [SAMPInjector] and Enjoy.​


Note: Only Tested On SAMP 0.3.7 R1 - R2 .
In the case of NetLoader it should work in all versions of SAMP | e Even in all Kinds of Games.


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