Автор темы
привет, Можете ли вы помочь мне со скрипта ?

(Я пытаюсь научиться писать сценарии :D)
I guess you don't speak Russian so feel free to use English, it's much better than the translation.

The issue is, at first glance, you trying to send the message that consist of neither cyrillic nor English characters - have a look at available charset. You may want to specify rawData parameter to true when registering your callback. In this case Broadcaster won't try to decode your message and will just pass you raw bytes. Note that in this case you have to implement your own sendMessage function (like the standard one, but without encoding). proto.packData will generate all the necessary packets, but writing them to BitStream and sending is up to you. Let me know if still interested in this, I'll help you if needed.