Вопрос Проблема с Silent Patch

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После установки мода заметил, что иконки стали более мыльными, можно как-то это пофикить?
Пробовал изменять ini файл, но пофиксить проблему не удалось
; This enables SCM-related fixes
; Currently, it includes Gym Glitch fix, Basketball Glitch fix
; It also fixes an issues in Sweet's Girl and Mountain Cloud Boys where the player freezes in the initial part of the mission
; This will make the game skip EAX/NVIDIA intro splashes, so it starts from the intro movies just like Steam version
; NOTE: Has no effect when used with Steam EXE
; This resizes subtitles and radio station name to be in line with a Steam version
; Setting this to 1 when using 1.0/1.01 makes the texts match 3.0 size, while setting this to 0
; when using 3.0 makes the text match 1.0/1.01 size
; This re-enables a glitched feature where gang-occupied zone names display with a colour of that gang
; Setting it to 0 will disable the colour from showing in all cases, even in the cases it was showing on a clean game
; This setting increases sun size a bit
; While it's fine to use with a stock game, it's recommended to turn this option off when using
; a custom seabed.ipl or timecyc.dat
; This setting will make sun reflections on peds and vehicles change direction depending on time of day
; This matches the behaviour present in GTA III or VC, but may not look perfect in all cases - so consider it
; a matter of personal preference

; Put model IDs (one ID per line) here to exclude them from using blurred rotors
; This way mods which don't have moving rotors done properly can still be used without bugs

; By default we exclude Maverick, since its textures are corrupted

; Specifically for SA-MP (since for single player you can just edit the handling file)
; Specifies whether to forcibly enable or disable double rear wheels for a specific vehicle ID
; Put modelID = 1 to forcibly enable or modelID = 0 to forcibly disable
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