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This program allows you to download thumbnail from any video which is on youtube platform

How to use:
right click on some video and select 'Copy link address'
then paste that link in new tab or notepad
then extract video ID from the url
in example this is video URL: 9sw3fjLvNiU
and video ID is 9sw3fjLvNiU
so after v = or if you get full link with channel name then it's like this 9sw3fjLvNiU & ab_channel = ITVNews
that video ID you paste in program text box and click on load
it'll take few seconds to load depending on image quality and your internet speed
you can save image AFTER it has been loaded into program just click on button 'Save' and select folder in which to save
Custom Url button allows you to save images from links which ends with image format .jpg, the program does not support png or any other only jpg




Requirements: Net frameowork 4.7.2
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