weapon hack

  1. бочка кваса

    помогите найти скрипт миниган

    помогите найти БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ скрипт на выдачу минигана или рпг ( ДЛЯ СЕРВЕРОВ БЕЗ АНТИЧИТА ИЛИ С СЛАБЫМ АНТИЧИТОМ ) Если такого скрипта в бесплатном формате нету то киньте скрипт хоть на какое то оружие
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    Please help me . I need help

    Hello everyone and don't be tired. I made a hack gun in which I used the following code: function onSendPacket(id, bitStream, priority, reliability, orderingChannel) if Dgun and id == 204 then return false end end I made this hack gun for a server that when I play the hack gun in onfoot mode...
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    Welcome To Los Santos Cheats

    Hello I am looking for weapon hack cheat for welcome to los santos server This server's anti-cheat is very, very strong I don't think anyone can use the weapon hack cheat on this server Is there a way to bypass this server's anti-cheat?
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    How Use Weapon Hack in Cnr Sv?

    Hello to all I need a weapon hack on Cops And Robber (CnR) servers. I used the ByPasser cheat, but the anti-cheat kicks I used many cheats like /Abp, /GunHack, etc., but all of them either kick anti-cheat or it is not known in Stats. The anti-cheat server is very strong. Is there a way to...
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    I Need Weapon Hack Role Play Sv

    hi everyone i need a gun hack on roly poly servers. I downloaded Cheat Bypasser. But when I damage someone with a gun, they are not damaged. please help me thank you
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    I need Weapon Hack.. Help Me Pls

    انگلیسی: سلام، من به یک تفنگ هک برای سرورهای Robber و پلیس نیاز دارم. دور زدن ضد تقلب سرور یک لگ شات است با تشکر از شما برای کمک به من. انگلیسی: سلام من به یک کرکر برای سارقین و سرورهای پلیس نیاز دارم. دور زدن ضد تقلب سرور تاخیر داره ممنون میشم به من کمک کنید