1. Павел Шампанов

    Lua [HZGAMING.NET] Auto /signcheck

    Hi, i bought this script like two weeks ago, but now i dont need it. What does this do? It enters /signcheck and enters captcha that appears on the screen. How to use it? Type /payday. You need CLEO, SAMPFUNCS, Moonloader and samp.lua to use it. Enjoy! Author: Yondime
  2. horacy

    Lua Skip tutorial and anti hospital [HZGAMING.NET]

    Hello, today I wanted to introduce to you a private script that I wrote a few months ago, it's a bypass tutorial and an anti hospital. I'm sharing this because I want everyone to be able to start making chaos on the server. Only for samp.hzgaming.net [/SPOILER] "" [/SPOILER]