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    [Need Help] About Player Pos and Sanny Builder Funcs - Defines

    Hello Guys, I'm trying to get player position via ID. I looked some old cleos but there were used sampfuncs etc. How can i get player pos? And is there any way to get sanny builder funcs address? Like a "00A0: store_actor $ PLAYER_ACTOR to ~ samp.dll + 0xblabla ~" ... (I'm using 0.3DL version)...
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    0.3 DL samp function memory address

    GivePlayerWeapon samp.dll 0x016C90 ResetPlayerWeapons samp.dll + 0x014790 TogglePlayerControllable samp.dll + 0x0168E0 SetPlayerPos samp.dll + 0x015970 SetPlayerHealth samp.dll + 0x015BA0 ApplyAnimation samp.dll + 0x016FA0 TogglePlayerSpectating samp.dll + 0x018990 SetPlayerAmmo samp.dll +...
  3. s0beit Menyo V1 & V2 for 0.3 DL

    Автор _=Gigant=_ Собейт для SAMP 0.3 DL На скрине v2 Test version