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    ASI SAMPCAC Cheat [Stealth] + Source Code

    am i the only one that's facing errors when trying to build it using the source code with visual studio?
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    ASI Juggerware 2.0 | Global Update | SAMPCAC WARNINGS

    no more .dlls?
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    ESP line

    Can someone add an ESP line into this lua, it's an object finder. I tried on my own but i couldn't get it to work... This is what i tried :// renderDrawLine(wX, wY, 200, 200, 2.0, 0xFF60FF60) I'm no expert so... :<
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    Lua ConnectSandbox

    can we get a link for that samp launcher?
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    AFK but not actually afk?

    I understand however the whole point of this was so i could afk farm one of the jobs on this server, i was doing the job while using invisible hacks however i was caught since they can't spectate me, they probably got suspicious of what i was doing. Do you think if im afk and send data.position...
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    AFK but not actually afk?

    Is it possible to be shown as AFK but not actually and still interact with checkpoints? I tried something similiar to this function sampev.onSendPlayerSync() if afk then return false end end However when i go to the checkpoint obviously it won't work, i was wondering if there's...
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    Lua || [ALL SERVER] || 28.01.2021 || [NEW] AutoPilot Remastered

    can you make it so it works on foot aswell? thank you
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    Lua zCBot - универсальный чекпоинт бот

    make it so it works on foot aswell?
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    Эксклюзив [Mobile] AsiLoader

    is it possible to change the serial number somehow?
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    Исходник Отправка уведомлений в Discord

    how do we get the IP(not server ip), name of the player, server name etc? :3
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    Исходник Отправка уведомлений в Discord

    how do we get the ip?
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    Вопросы по Lua скриптингу

    I'll send you a video through pms
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    Вопросы по Lua скриптингу

    This is just a small part of the code, basically, this LUA only works with race checkpoints what im trying to do is make it so it works with normal checkpoints aswell but I can't figure it out how
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    Вопросы по Lua скриптингу

    how do i make this work with normal checkpoints? function SearchMarker() local ret_posX = 0.0 local ret_posY = 0.0 local ret_posZ = 0.0 localisFind=false for id = 0, 31 do localMarkerStruct = 0 MarkerStruct = 0xC7F168 + id * 56 local MarkerPosX =...
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    https://www.blast.hk/threads/38726/ Can someone edit this and make it work with normal checkpoints please? This only works with race checkpoints...
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    Still doesn't work :/
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    how do i hook onSetCheckpoint ? 😅
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    Lua [ALL] CoordMaster+

    does it still work?
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    Is there a coordmaster that works with normal checkpoints? The current cordmaster i found only works with race checkpoints..