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    Вопрос What is this called

    Hello, this is an .exe that when the specified message appears in the game (in the server) it also appears in the .exe Example: Server Turf Messages when someone start turf attack the server send message in chat, and how do you make it to send in the .exe? I think its something with http requests.
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    Someone combine these 2 cleos please

    Someone combine these 2 cleos please? I want them to be in one cleo file, and work. @D3.Pheonix Can you help me ?
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    Need someone to make this cleo

    Hi i need someone to make this type of cleo: When someone sends message in the /faction chat of the samp server, it appears in discord too. I know that its cleo, but the guy who created it doesnt wanna give it, because its "private", all i know its http request
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    Cleo Script Turf timer help please

    Hello, i have turf timer cleo, but i need someone to remove the nick system from it, and also i think its not decompiled good because it has hex in the end of the code. The nick system is like if you dont use the nick written in the cleo file in samp the script will not load. Sorry that i send...
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    Ищу У кого-нибудь есть эти звуки оружия

    у кого-нибудь есть эти звуки оружия? видео звуков: (м4 и снайпер - https://streamable.com/il5vqt ) (саулнофф и узи - https://streamable.com/epmihq ) Мне действительно нужны эти звуки оружия, если кто-то знает стаю или издает звуки, я буду благодарен. я использую переводчик Гугл!