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    WHi im trading a power AHK Script Cbug for a injectable private aimbot that works on any weapon and Works on SAMP client specially R4 Video : - ACCURATE AND FASTER - can do 1 tap or 2 tap - its not detectable on any server except to those server who has anti cbug and Those server who use...
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    on/off function

    can someone add a function on/off of this aimbot? i need like when i press F12 the aimbot will pause then if press again the aimbot will continue void main() { DWORD* pTarget = (DWORD*)0xB6F3B8;//pointer of target object. DWORD* pActor = (DWORD*)0xB6F5F0;//pointer of player actor...
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    any code how to make a perfect autoscroll? when i code i cant get the perfect code when 2shooting after a minute it will go to the next weapon #singleinstance, force #installmousehook #installkeybdhook #ifwinactive, GTA:SA:MP setbatchlines, 0 ~$*LButton:: loop { getkeystate, rmb , LButton...
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    infinite run

    any ahk infinite run?
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    ahk Сценарий cbug Как эта.